Are Plant-Based Burgers Healthier than Red Meat?

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Are Plant-Based Burgers Healthier than Red Meat?

Recently, plant-based burgers have become a popular alternative to red meat. But are they actually healthier? It turns out, there’s not a simple answer.

First, the good news. Plant-based burgers, beef burgers and poultry burgers all contain a similar amount of protein. Some of the plant-based burgers are even fortified with vitamins and minerals found in animal proteins, such as vitamin B12 and zinc. Plant-based burgers are also much better for the environment than red meat. Using less animal products helps to reduce greenhouse emissions, pesticide use and land use.

Now, for the bad news. Although plant-based burgers do not contain red meat, they have a similar number of calories and saturated fat content. They may also contain more sodium than traditional red meat beef burgers. So, if you’re looking to reduce your blood pressure or saturated fat content in your diet, plant-based meats may not be the healthiest option.

To lower your risk of heart disease, consider burgers that are made with beans and whole grains. You may also want to consider poultry-based burgers, which are low in saturated fat. For a more personalized recommendation, please consult your physician.


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