Signs of Coronary Artery Disease and Tips for Protecting Your Heart

Mr. Stone was recently diagnosed with coronary artery disease. He wants to know more. Let’s explain: Coronary arteries are the arteries that supply the heart with oxygen and nutrients. They can accumulate plaque and become narrow, just like other arteries in your body. However, if blood flow through the coronary arteries is limited, the heart […]

Life After Heart Disease Diagnosis: What is a Heart Team?

Ms. Linhed was just given a heart disease diagnosis. Her cardiologist told her a heart team would treat her, but she’s confused because she has never heard of a heart team. She has a lot of questions such as: What is a heart team? Who are the members of the heart team? What is the […]

Tips for Successful Doctor Visits after a Heart Disease Diagnosis

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment and remembered that you forgot to ask a crucial question? It is frustrating, but you are not alone—many of us have done that! Here are tips to help you get the most out of your next doctor’s appointment after a heart disease diagnosis.