4 Ways Gardening is Good for your Heart

Here are some heart-healthy reasons to get out and garden. Gardening is good exercise. A recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that low-level physical activities such as gardening are associated with reduced risk of death from heart disease. In particular, the study found that people who engaged in low-level activities like […]

Laughter Makes the Best Medicine for Your Heart

How can you make yourself feel good and help your heart at the same time? Laugh! And that’s no April Fool’s joke. Scientific research has demonstrated the positive effects of laughter on your heart. These effects include reduced blood pressure, increased blood flow, higher levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, reduced inflammation and decreased […]

Your Stressed Out Heart

All of us experience stress—such as before a test, when we are late or working under a deadline, or in traffic. Stress is a way for your body to adapt to changes in the environment. Although some stress is considered usual, research shows that prolonged stress or chronic stress can negatively impact your heart. How […]

Too Much Protein May Be Bad for Your Heart

For women over 50, following a diet high in animal protein may increase the risk of heart failure. This is the conclusion of a preliminary study presented at the American Heart Association annual meeting that investigated the effects of diet on heart failure in women ages 50 to 79 years of age. Researchers looked at […]

How to Make Your Heart Lucky on Saint Patrick’s Day

The traditional corned beef, soda bread, and beer characteristic of Saint Patrick’s Day cuisine does not make your heart feel very lucky. This traditional meal contains high levels of fat, salt, and cholesterol—not to mention alcohol. The alcohol increases the risk of Holiday Heart Syndrome, the term generally applied to describe irregular heart rhythms that […]

Things You Can Do At Work To Improve Your Heart Health

It can be hard to improve your heart health when most of your days are spent sitting down at the office. Here are some helpful tips to take care of your heart at work. Take breaks. Make sure to move around every hour—even for just a few minutes. Take a lap around the office and […]

Fitness Trackers and Tracking Your Heart Rate

How do you know whether you’re reaching your target heart rate? One way is to stop periodically while exercising and check your pulse. Another, newer option is to take advantage of the many technologies available for tracking your heart rate. Wearable technologies that track information such as heart rate and number of steps first entered […]

Reaching Your Target Heart Rate

Your heart rate is a measure of how hard your heart is working to pump blood around the body. It is usually measured by counting the number of heartbeats per minute. Your baseline heart rate refers to how fast the heart is beating at rest, before beginning any exercise. In adults and seniors, the average […]

Heart-Healthy Workouts You Can Do At Home

Regular physical activity is a critical component of a heart-healthy lifestyle. While many people choose to exercise at the gym or outside, you can also get your blood flowing in the comfort of your own home. Here are some easy ways to get started with a regular exercise routine at home. Dance. Any kind of […]

Why Holding Hands or Paws are Good for Your Heart

This Valentine’s Day, make sure you hold hands or paws with those you love. It’s good for your heart. We know that humans are a naturally social species, an evolutionary trait that has helped us survive. Indeed, studies show that physical contact or touch like holding hands can positively affect your health. How? Holding hands […]