Things You Can Do At Work To Improve Your Heart Health

heart healthy tips while at workIt can be hard to improve your heart health when most of your days are spent sitting down at the office. Here are some helpful tips to take care of your heart at work.

Take breaks.

Make sure to move around every hour—even for just a few minutes. Take a lap around the office and see how others are doing, or go do some stretches in the bathroom. Frequent breaks will help get your blood flowing and also improve your concentration.

Go for a walk during lunch.

Take advantage of even a short lunch break to go for a walk. Ask a colleague to join you for added motivation and accountability.

Switch your snacks.

Many people keep candies or chocolates nearby—or have a colleague who does. Rather than sugar and empty calories, try snacking on fruits and veggies. Carrot sticks are great to munch while working, and small clementines are a healthy alternative to the candy bowl. Your heart—and your colleagues—will thank you.

Bring your lunch.

Homemade lunches will almost always be better for your heart than what you buy at the cafeteria or local lunch spot. And since you don’t have to wait in line, you’ll have extra time for that walk during lunch. If making lunch isn’t an option, be mindful of your food choices at work. Opt for the salads or lean proteins and save the heartier fare for a special occasion.

Add a walk or bike ride into your commute.

If you drive, park a bit farther away than you usually do, at the far end of the parking lot or garage. For commuters on public transit, get off a stop or two earlier on the bus or train to get your blood flowing before and after work. Or, think of biking to work.

Take the stairs.

Elevators can be so tempting, but try the stairs instead. They’re good for your leg muscles and your heart, and it usually doesn’t take that much longer since you don’t have to wait!

Find a buddy.

You won’t be the only one in your workplace trying to improve your heart health. Reach out to your colleagues to see who else might be interested in joining you for a walk or watching what you eat at work. The more people who can support each other and stay active, the easier it will be to keep on track for your health goals.

Next Steps

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