Is Protected PCI with Impella®
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Improve your quality of life. Protected PCI with Impella can be a safe treatment option to address severe coronary artery disease or advanced heart failure.

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In a randomized controlled trial, 8-in-10 patients treated with Impella heart pumps experienced reduction in heart failure symptoms or improvement in heart function.1,2 Their native heart function recovered and heart failure symptoms diminished in just 90 days after a Protected PCI procedure as compared to other forms of treatment.1

You may be a candidate for Protected PCI with Impella if:

  • Your heart team has told you that angioplasty or stent placement is too risky
  • There’s nothing more your physician can do to address your symptoms
  • You are not a candidate for surgery due to your risk factors
  • You have other health concerns that increase the risk of traditional stenting or heart surgery such as chronic kidney disease


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