William "Bill" Schrimpl

After a long history of cardiac conditions that caused painful breathing and chest pain, Bill Schrimpl received a Protected PCI treatment the Impella CP® to treat his occluded arteries.

Grandfather Enjoying Improved Quality of Life

Beginning in 1994, Bill Schrimpl (65), had a long history of cardiac conditions. For years, Bill was referred from hospital to hospital seeking treatment, receiving evaluations, diagnostic tests and stenting procedures. Bill even suffered a heart attack in 2008. Because of the tightness in his chest, Bill’s breathing was painful and restricted. This ultimately left him with no energy and a severely diminished quality of life.

Finally, in August 2016, Bill met Dr. Tony DeMartini, Interventional Cardiologist at Edward Hospital. With the support of the Impella CP® heart pump, Dr. DeMartini performed a Protected PCI to fix Bill’s occluded arteries. After the procedure, Bill immediately felt better – he could finally breathe again!

With an improved quality of life, Bill now rides his bicycle with his wife daily and enjoys each milestone with his two children and five grandchildren.


Impella® makes Protected PCI possible

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