With a history of heart disease and prior CABGs, Justin Redman, 68, had a progressively weakened heart. After years of being told that he had no other options, Mr. Redman was distraught by his physical limitations due to his heart failure and sought out other cardiology practices in Texas. When he found the Heart Center in North Texas, interventional cardiologist Dr. Ali told Mr. Redman that there was a possible solution with Impella. The Impella would allow Dr. Ali to open up the existing blockages in his heart that were causing Mr. Redman’s physical distress, while at the same time protecting his heart from becoming unstable during the procedure.  Impella effectively would take over a portion of the pumping function for the heart during the high–risk intervention, protecting the muscle while Dr. Ali fixed his heart.  Mr. Redman was discharged the day after his procedure.  Now, he is able to mow the lawn, work with his horses, and live a normal life on his Texas farm with little to no physical limitations.  With the Impella in place, Dr. Ali was able to open up Mr. Redman’s blockages, giving his heart the opportunity to function better and allow more blood flow and oxygen to the rest of his organs.


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