Mongin (77), is a former Industrial Construction Superintendent. Since undergoing bypass surgery in 1989, Mongin has managed his heart health, however, in September 2017 he began experiencing severe shortness of breath. Mongin, who had been physically fit his entire life, could not walk a few feet without feeling completely fatigued. After meeting with his primary care physician, Mongin’s case was reviewed by a Protected PCI coordinator at Parkwest Hospital. The coordinator helped identify Mongin as a potential candidate for a Protected PCI procedure. Ayaz Rahman, MD, an interventional cardiologist at Parkwest Medical Center, agreed and scheduled Mongin for the procedure.

Dr. Rahman implanted the Impella CP® heart pump for temporary support while he placed stents to open the blocked arteries.

After the procedure, the Impella CP was removed and Mongin’s heart recovered. Today, At 77 years old, Mongin is passionate about his new job helping the customers at Lowes and appreciates spending time with his wife.

IMP-146 v3

Impella® Protects the Heart During Cardiogenic Shock

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