Why Impella®?

Patients Share Their Stories of Heart Recovery


Pamela Kerr

Sydney woman celebrates 90th birthday after Protected PCI procedure with Impella


Peter Sek

Australian husband and father back enjoying an active lifestyle following Protected PCI procedure


Mary Hanel

82 Year old woman enjoys improved quality of life


What is Impella?

Impella heart pumps have the unique ability to enable heart recovery, allowing patients to return home with their native hearts. Impella is the only non-surgical heart pump that is FDA-approved as safe and effective for high-risk patients receiving a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). An Impella-supported stenting procedure, known as Protected PCI, may be an option for you.

Why is Impella Important?

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Supports Your Heart

Protected PCI with Impella ensures blood flow is maintained to critical organs enabling your physician to perform a complete and optimized procedure, decreasing the likelihood of repeat procedures and multiple hospital stays.

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Improved Quality of Life

In a randomized controlled trial, 8-in-10 patients treated with Impella heart pumps experienced reduction in heart failure symptoms or improvement in heart function.1, 2


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