Why Impella®?


What is Impella?

Impella heart pumps have the unique ability to enable heart recovery, allowing patients to return home with their native hearts. Impella is the only non-surgical heart pump that is FDA-approved as safe and effective for high-risk patients receiving a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). An Impella-supported stenting procedure, known as Protected PCI, may be an option for you.

Why is Impella Important?

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Supports Your Heart

Protected PCI with Impella ensures blood flow is maintained to critical organs enabling your physician to perform a complete and optimized procedure, decreasing the likelihood of repeat procedures and multiple hospital stays.

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Improved Quality of Life

In a randomized controlled trial, 8-in-10 patients treated with Impella heart pumps experienced reduction in heart failure symptoms or improvement in heart function.1, 2

Patients Share Their Stories of Heart Recovery


"I really feel 10 years younger!"

Mattie Warren, 77


"Following the procedure, I proudly climbed to the top of the bleachers."

Jim Hoag, 73


"I have never felt better!"

Mary Hanel, 83


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